Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bike riding is awesome!

My computer at home has been funky, so I've had to come to the public library to finally get in a post this week.  This past Sunday was wonderful, I must say! Since my husband, Daniel, and I were able to get bikes we dedided to go to the boardwalk at Virginia Beach and bike around.
I never knew how difficult bike racks could be--it took almost 10 minutes to get our bikes on the thing, but everything seemed secure so we headed out.

It took awhile to find parking so we finally settled on the top level of the Hilton's parking lot--$2/hr.  It was a stunning day!  It was a little overcast which made the temperature perfect.  It was my 1st time on a bike in over a decade so I was very rusty--I almost had several run-ins with other bicyclists and pedestrians! 

My new bike!!!!
 Halfway through our ride, we stopped at the Rudee Inlet--where the boats and yachts enter the water. 

Directly next to the inlet was a park--but not just any park---it's made for all kids, including handicapped!

I've never seen a park specifically made so that all kids, despite disabilities, can play. I consider myself a kid at heart, so I almost ran over to have some fun.  But then I decided I had embarrassed Daniel enough with my riding issues, so I wouldn't add to it.  :o)  By the end of the day, we biked about 4 miles.

the husband and I

A gorgeous, HUGE, flower along the bike route.

 Afterward, we went to Ruby Tuesday and had dinner.  I was so excited to see spaghetti squash on the menu becuase I've been wanting to try it for some time now. 
It was HORRIBLE!  Gluey and overcooked.  I guess I'll have to make it at home someday to see what it should actually taste like.  We both ordered chicken dishes and I ate off his his salad bar plate.  BTW-their garlic cheddar biscuits weren't that great either, but their strawberry lemonades were as fantastic as ever! 
Our waiter called them liquid crack and I would have to agree!  They're very addictive. 
We finished the day with a movie on the couch--but I can't remember what it was (must not have been very good!).

Anyhoo-the library computers are shutting down in 3 minutes, so time to skeedaddle.  Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!!!

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