Saturday, July 16, 2011

Adventures in kayaking


The pics from our kayaking adventure arrived!

We decided to do the 10:30am tour, because 7:30 was just too early.  Daniel works until late at night, so his internal clock would not allow such early morning festivities.  The forecast said it would be 90 degrees, but we new that would be perfect out on the water!

We arrived and began walking towards the dock.

 and were greeted by the best tour guides in VA Beach--Daniel and Cody!

Once everyone in our group arrived (4 couples, 2 guides, and the business owner) we discussed our route.  A quick tutorial was given on how to stroke, stop, and move backward.  Later in the water we learned to turn in a circle.  We were also given instructions on what to do if we fall in, but we knew that wouldn't be an issue for us.

We got into the kayaks and pushed off.  We started at the Owl's Creek boat launch, headed into Rudee's inlet, and then into the Atlantic Ocean.  What fun!  

We already slathered our bodies in sunscreen and I was so happy we did.  Not only was the sun blaring from above, but the reflection in the water hit us from below.  Throughout the trip, you could find me dipping my hand in the water and splashing it on my legs.

Unfortunately, there is only 1 picture of dolphins, even though we saw at least 7 (one came fully out of the water for us! for their food).  It was amazing to see their gleaming bodies.  I can't even describe it.  At some point, you could even hear them breathing!  Oh, and a random crab came swimming under our kayak.

They call him Flipper...fasting than lightning...

The guides talked to us throughout the trip--pep talks, stroke tips, and trivia about dolphins and the area where we are floating.  Everything is fine and dandy and then:

We were laughing hysterically.

I still don't even know how it happened!  Once second we're floating merrily in the Atlantic Ocean, and the next, we're in it!  Steve (the owner) snapped a few pics of us and then helped us back into the kayak.  

Who is that handsome man?  I'll save you!

Notice the skewed visor--thankfully my glasses didn't fall in!

Since we were already in the water, 2 other couples decided to get in for a few minutes too!  Once everyone was back in the kayak safe and sound, we started the trip back to the dock.  We took a few pics with the VA Beach Boardwalk behind us

and I waved to others out on the water (FYI, in the water, the right away is given to the person/vehicle with the most tonnage.  So if something is approaching and you weigh less, it's your obligation to get out of the way--who knew!!!)
Practicing for the day I win Miss America.

the other Daniel!

Cody and his awesome hat.

I can honestly say this was an experience I never imagined I would have.  The older I get, the more time I want to spend outdoors having fun, instead of indoors watching TV or reading.  I would definitely recommend doing this type of thing with your family.  Actually, Steve said he's had as young as 4 and as old as 87 on one of these trips!

 I'll put pics of my new hairstyle up tomorrow.  I've got to get to the gym and they close at 4.  Have a great weekend!!!

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