Sunday, September 25, 2011

Can I change my mind?

Today’s post will only discuss a few things, as opposed to everything that’s occurred since the last post.  I’ll do another post next week with the rest!

So Tierra has experienced a rough couple of weeks.  Last Saturday, she had her 2nd set of shots including rabies.  She became possessed by a demon and scratched skin off of the vet tech as well as herself.  I WAS SO EMBARRASSED! I felt like one of those parents you see at the grocery store and their 3 year old is screaming, biting, and hitting and you're thinking to yourself, "why can't they control that kid? Shoot--that kid wouldn't act like that if I had 'em!".  Yeah---it was like that. 

The only time she's an angel--when she asleep!

This weekend she was spayed.  I asked my coworker if I should give them a warning of her head-rotating tendencies and was told firmly, "NO!"  We dropped her off around 8am and then I picked her up at 3:30.  No complaints or reports of injury!!!  I had to put an e-collar on her to keep her from licking the suture and she ran face first into everything. 

There are treats in here! *nom nom nom*  Wait...where are we going?

Running into the entertainment system.

Learning to eat with plastic around her head.

Trying to clean herself.

Her shaved belly.

My cousin, Tiffany, had a 1st birthday party for her youngest daughter on Saturday night.  After making sure Tierra was comfortable and somewhat fed before she fell asleep, I headed to my aunt's home.  It was good to see the family and celebrate another birthday.

The birthday girl! 

Now to the title of the post, Can I change my mind?  Yeah--my hair is finally at that stage where I want to go back to relaxers.  I'm definitely not going to---I just really, really, really want to.  I washed my hair Friday night with a new product, Hair One (the "generic" of Wen).  I'm not really sure if I notice much of a difference in my hair than if I had co-washed it, but I'll know more after using it a few times. 

If you look extremely close--you may find remnants of a part in my hair.
Right now, the only thing I can do with my hair is toss it in a ponytail. It's really frustrating, because I feel that hair is a woman's crowning glory and I'm am not showing any type of glory right now.  Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.   I'm taking a trip in a few weeks, so I've made an appointment to have a straw set done a few days before leaving.  It's supposed to be a great transition style, so I'll definitely post pics once it's done.  

Left side:  Flat ironed.  Right side:  NOT.

Daniel and I are baking blondies, so I've got to go.  More updates soon!

"Mom, you don't understand how hard my life is!"


  1. Both sides look good to me. The transition can be pretty tough. I think that's why a lot of people go ahead and do the big chop. That was definitely not enought motivation for me to do it. At least you do planning on hanging in there.

  2. Thanks for saying the roots look good-any compliment during this time about my hair is so helpful. You are so right about the transition being tough. I appreciate your continuing to read the're awesome!