Sunday, September 11, 2011

3 month hair update...and other stuff

Hola!!!  (Forewarning: this post has a ton of photos.)

It has been 3 months since I’ve had a relaxer and I’ve already broken a comb!  Let me back up a tad.  I finally took my kinky twists out after having them in for 7 weeks.  They actually still looked as if I could have gone another 2 weeks or so, but I needed to wash my hair so badly!  I’ve co-washed my hair twice since having them in  and dry shampooed every week, but it’s not the same as actually getting my fingers in there and gently scrubbing my scalp. 

Removing hair and reading (book upper right corner of photo).

It took about 9 hours over 2 days to get them out.  I’m not very good at doing one thing at a time—I’m always multitasking.  So while taking them out, I was reading, or watching TV.  Had I only focused on the hair, it probably would have taking less than 4 hours.  A plastic grocery bag was full after I finished! 

Hair from kinky twists

Daniel and I decided to go for a walk in Downtown Norfolk and grab dinner, so I left my crinkly hair out.  I figured I should walk around for the day with my hair in that state to see how I felt.  Daniel was surprised that he actually liked my hair in that state!

A possible glimpse into the future 2 years from now.

Washing my hair felt like heaven!  I actually used shampoo this time since it needed such a deep cleansing. I think “lather, rinse, repeat” occurred at least 3 or 4 times.  I placed a deep conditioner on afterwards for about an hour.  Throughout the summer, someone offered multiple times to cornrow my hair once the twists were out, but I contacted her twice to set up a date with no response so I had to wear my hair out until I can get enough funds together to braid again.  I had about 2 inches of new growth now.  I flat ironed my hair after it dried for about 2 hours (thank goodness it was a 3 day weekend---there was plenty of time to whip my hair into something suitable to wear to work). 

After combing through all the tangles/knots before washing.

Enough about the hair and let’s see what else has happened over the past 3 weeks. 

Breakfast with Pop, Charlie and Blayden (Quay has gone back to live with his grandmother now that school has started.) 

Waiting to order

Pop bought us candy and Blayden chose whatever is in the Scooby container.

Halloween merchandise.  I think ruffles suit me!

Pictures from afternoon in downtown.

Bella Pizzeria in Ghent.

Catwalk at Waterside in Norfolk.

Daniel’s company picnic.

It was so hot!

We didn't win the raffle, but we've got each other.  Score!!

Family dinner with the Cooks.

Myron, Yurie, and Markal.  Markal's playing a driving game on the Kinect.

Getting ready to eat.

Intellectual conversation on the merits of Xbox vs Playstation.

After dinner gaming.  I was in the corner reading a book.
Daniel has pointed out to me that I read tons of books so I've decided to list books that I read between each blog post.  

My bookcases are arranged by color--not title or author. 

May God Have Mercy  John C. Tucker
The Book of Ruth  Jane Hamilton
My Sister's Keeper  Jodi Picoult
I Don't Know How She Does It  Allison Pearson
Waiting to Exhale  Terry McMillan
Towelhead  Alicia Erian

As always, I leave you with a photo of Tierra.  I’m off to get ready for the 1st Sorority chapter meeting of the fiscal year.  Have a wonderful week!

Remembering 9-11-2001.  

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