Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where does the time go?

Warning—tons of photos in this post!  My computer at home has been so frustrating with its speed and constant crashing, so I’ve finally come to the library to blog.  I couldn’t even blog at work—they have a block on blog sites.  I mean, do they really expect me to do nothing but work while I’m there?!?  :o) 
Not much discussion about hair will go on—that’ll be my next post for my 6 month update.

Over the last month I have:

Baked tons of goodies

Sugar cookies for my co-worker's birthday.
Happy  birthday, N!

Chocolate chip cookie dough.

It was a messy cookie sandwich but completely delicious!

Paula Deen "Is it really better than sex?" cake for work holiday party.

Spent time with family

Pop and cousin Yvette

Grandma looking regal at her birthday dinner.


Grandma and Quay

My Aunt Yvonne and I

Spent time with my Greek family (Sorority)

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc VA State Conference 2011

T, myself, and S being silly during downtime

We won best Grad Chapter in the State, among other awards.

We were SO hungry.  T's skittles sustained us until lunch.

Myself and L!

Illumination parade 2011.  Thank you Virginian Pilot for the hot dog!

We carried the Christmas tree for the parade.

L and I--she loves to photo bomb!

Our lovely Chapter President, C at a Greek event.

Isn't T gorgeous!?!

Skate party that was tons of fun.

Skates --I didn't fall all night!

Went to a conference hosted by Senator Mark Warner and Old Dominion University

Exercise seminar with volunteers.  The lady on the right could hold core-strengthening planks so well.

Gone on a double date with an old friend of Daniel’s


Had a date with myself

Logan's Steakhouse.  Yummy.

Worked out at the gym (of course)

Red light machine goggles--no I don't tan!

Massage chair after a grueling workout.

Holiday party at work

I think the office like Paula Deen's cake.

We like food.

As always, I leave you with a photo of the loudest cat known to man:

Get that phone out of my FACE!

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