Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Parades, buffets, and cakes....oh my!

This past week was pretty fun!  I received a text during work last Tuesday from my Soror, Toni.  There was a community parade (National Night Out) that evening in Ocean View and she wanted our chapter to represent (turns out all of the Divine Nine chapters in the area were invited, but Toni and I were the only ones that showed up).  That just means more publicity for Zeta!  I’m so glad I decided to go—even though it was about 100 degrees. 

After a short program that we didn’t see —we chatted and handed out water to some parched policemen--, we headed out for a parade.  I think it was only about a mile long, but we were in between a health care bus and a group against drugs.   Great groups and great missions, however the bus exhaust wasn’t pleasant, nor was the chanting and singing from the group behind us (“Give hugs, not drugs!”).  Oh well—at least it was quick…AND….we saw tons of men in uniform!!!

After the parade, there were tons of activities and food: bounce houses, fire trucks and ambulance viewings, pizza, cake, Italian ice, and performances.  There was a gentleman that won a contest playing the accordion, and my favorite—the women from Panama.

On Friday, Pop came by my office and asked if I wanted to have dinner with my brothers and nephew.  I was all for it—2 weeks in a row is unheard of!  He took us to Cici’s Pizza (buffets are great for bottomless pits).  My father is notoriously late (get over it, Old Man) and after I picked up my brother and nephew, we headed to a bakery in Chesapeake to waste some time.  I’m always looking for a good deal, and get emails from Groupon, Groopdealz, Pilot Daily Deals, etc. so I had a $20 coupon for a bakery/deli named the Terebinth that I needed to use in the next week before it expired.  It was the most beautiful bakery I’ve ever seen! 

For $22, we picked up 3 cookies, 2 brownies, 2 slices of pound cake, and a chocolate cupcake.  It was delicious!  Blayden is actually pretty funny for a 4 year old.  I had been telling him since we met at the restaurant that I had a yummy treat for him later.  After we ate, I pulled out his cupcake, and he looked at me, then the cupcake, and then looked at me again and said, “I don’t like chocolate.”  I looked at my father mortified wondering why he hadn’t told me this important fact when I asked him what I should get for the little one.  I looked back and Blayden….and HE. WAS. LAUGHING!  He tricked me!

Sunday morning, Daniel and I were discussing what to do for the day, and he suggested a bike ride so I agreed to go.  We started out in a nice neighborhood down the street from our neighborhood.  Although it was already 90 degrees at 9 am, there were lovely breezes since we were near water.  After an hour or so, Daniel suggested we ride to Old Dominion University—the neighborhood we were in was right off of Hampton Blvd—the same road ODU is located. He stated if I was willing to ride, he would take me to have frozen yogurt afterward (I wasn’t about to tell him I would have ridden without the fro yo!).


It was such a wonderful time!  It was tough with all of the curbs (we rode on the sidewalk since it’s such a busy road) and a steep bridge each way, but it was so worth it.  We calculated that we did about 7 miles that day—I was so proud. 

Bridge on Hampton Blvd.
As far as a hair update is concerned, not much has really changed.  It’s been 8 weeks since my last relaxer (4 weeks with the braids) and my hair is growing slowly but surely.  I think I have about ½ an inch of new growth.  It’s hard to tell because some of the braids may have slipped, so it makes it seem that my hair has grown more than it actually has.  Weekly I’ve been using a dry shampoo on my scalp, and after the bike ride, I co-washed my hair in the shower.  Twice a week, I oil my scalp (sparingly) and once a week, I oil the actual braids. It’ll be time to get the braids out in the next 2-4 weeks, so I’ve got to make a decision what to do next.

I think I’ve rambled long enough for this weekly post so I leave you with a picture of the most dramatic heifer I know (in my universe, heifer is a term of endearment).  She was napping on my lap and I turned the volume up on the TV--this is her reaction:

Have a great week!

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