Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Creamy Crack

For those that don't know, Creamy Crack (CC) is a chemical treatment used to straighten kinky hair. a.k.a. perm or relaxer.  Check out Chris Rock's movie, "Good Hair", for more in depth info.  Anyhoo---I've been a CC addict for over a decade.  Every 6-8 weeks I've put this poison on my head so that I could have straight, silky, blow-in-the-wind hair.  Well, I'm sick of all the money, time, effort, and pain it takes for upkeep (this stuff burns people, literally).

So I'm quitting.  Now they don't call it CC for nothing---this stuff is addictive.  I'm going to go through withdrawals, depression, and possibly even the shakes.  At the end of this journey, I hope to not only have stronger, healthier hair; but to also be a stronger, healthier me.

For those that are visual beings:

I'm going to go from this

to this

I'm sure this blog won't just be about hair--I hope I'm an interesting person, so I'm sure there will be day to day that I'll add to make it a little more interesting.  I might even post a few pics of my handsome hubby, too!

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  1. Honey this is Joya, I mos definately know the feelin, even tho I've been natural for some yrs now I'm still learning about my own hair. I never knew what such gorgeous curly grade of hair I had, smh. Darn u cream crack, lol. And I still go through the shakes of wantin to give up and relax it but I go back to when the crack took my hair out, thinned out my edges and put chemical sores in my scalp, now my edges are back, my hair is healthy, I can press it or wear it curly, I feel so free to be me. I suggest u get tp know youtube as well, any question I needed to know I either googled or went str8 to youtube, it was my best teacher were the ppl who showed me how, why and if it worked, so congrats on the transition honey bunny and welcome.