Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Chop

It’s been awhile, but….I did it!!!!  I cut my hair off!

This post will pretty much be visual only--this computer is horrid.

At this point, I'm regretting my decision to cut my hair.

I'm really, really upset.

An hour after the cut...faking the smile--I'm pissed at myself.

Next day--the cut is growing on me!

Daniel lining my edges.

Daniel's company party--I LOVE my hair!

Allllll  mine!

My boo singing karaoke.

Oh yeah--I pierced my nose, too--for real!

At work, it must be covered by a band-aid.

I twist my hair nightly for a great curl during the day.

I was in  a step show!

Last post, it completely slipped my mind to post books I've read and I shelved the books before I recorded them.  So...here's a list of about 1/4 of the books I've read since December.

 Pagan Babies  Elmore Leonard
Getting to Happy  Terry McMillan
What Happens in Paris (stays in Paris)  Nancy Robards Thompson
Be Mine  Laura Kasischke
The other Fan  Joanna Trollope
Darkly Dreaming Dexter  Jeff Lindsay
Little Earthquakes  Jennifer Weiner
Taking Back Mary Ellen Black  Lisa Childs
Tumbling  Diane McKinney-Whetstone

Hi guys!  Did you miss me?

Last, but not least, my Soror's mom is an amazing artist.  She painted the canvas shown below.  Please let me know if you're interested in buying a canvas for yourself (or for gifts!).  Her prices are reasonable, as well as a discount for 3 or more).
Blueprint, the Ace.

Have an amazing week, everyone!

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  1. You didn't look mad in those pictures. It was funny to read that you were. I could only imagine the feeling. I am glad that you very quickly began to love your hair. It looks really good. You seem to be a natural at being natural.